What are the Best Fences for Security?

Ensure your property is always protected by investing in the reassurance of a new fence. Fencing is essential when it comes to creating privacy, adding value and ultimately improving your property’s security measures. With so many different kinds of fencing styles on the market, it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding which will best suit your property.

Timber, steel, aluminium—they all come with their benefits when it comes to durability, style and security.

To help make things a little clearer for you, the specialists at Amazing Fencing have put together a guide comparing the best fencing options for security along with some of their other benefits:

Steel Fencing:

Steel fences are a fan favourite for Australian property owners seeking a modern and stylish finish for their boundary fencing. Steel fencing is durable and built to last for years—it will hold up against extreme weather conditions and is even resistant against termites. Because of this superior level of durability, steel fencing is also a top choice when looking to improve your property’s security measures.

Intruders will be deterred by a steel fence and will be far less likely to break through steel compared to other less durable materials. There are a range of steel fences on the market to choose from.

Here at Amazing Fencing, our top choices are Colorbond and PermaSteel:

Colorbond & PermaSteel

Tough and durable, Colorbond Fencing is guaranteed to improve the security measures of your property. Constructed with galvanised steel, Colorbond will withstand changing weather conditions and hold up against corrosion.

When opting for Colorbond Steel for your boundary fencing, you’ll create a secure, safe and private environment for your family to enjoy. Intruders will be deterred because of the tough and secure nature of a Colorbond Fence.

Similar to Colorbond, PermaSteel is another top steel choice when it comes to improving the security for both residential and commercial properties. PermaSteel is highly durable and constructed with our Australian climate in mind. This steel fencing style is the ideal choice when it comes to closing off an area and preventing unwanted intruders from entering. Not only is PermaSteel perfect for creating security and privacy, it’s also extremely budget friendly.

Timber Fencing:

Natural and affordable, timber fencing is another option when it comes to the security of your property. A classic choice for years, a timber fence will suit any property style and add value to homes new and old. At Amazing Fencing, we source our timber from the most trusted suppliers, ensuring your new fence is durable and built to last. In order to reduce the impact of termites, our timber fencing is also constructed using steel posts for an even longer lasting finish.

This high level of durability is very important in terms of security, as it becomes significantly harder for intruders to break through your timber fence. Available in a huge selection of styles, timber fencing is also easily customisable to suit your needs. For example, our timber fencing can be constructed up to 2.4 metres high, ensuring that no unwanted visitors will enter your property.

Improve Your Security Today

Steel or timber, you’ll be sure to improve the security at your place when you invest in a new fence. At Amazing Fencing, we’re the specialists with it comes to the design and installation of a complete range of security fences including Colorbond Steel, PermaSteel and a variety of timber options.

Constructed with durability in mind, a new boundary fence installed by Amazing Fencing will improve the look of your exterior and most importantly—increase the security.

For more information on our security fencing options, get in contact with the expert team at Amazing Fencing today.


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