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Retaining walls do not have to be eyesores. In fact, at Amazing Fencing, we pride ourselves on being able to integrate these features into their already-existing surroundings in a way that is truly pleasing to the eye. There are locations where and instances when you have to install a retaining wall. This is where we come in to help.

Our engineered and strongly-built retaining structures are constructed for maximum protection and minimal impact to your yard. If built properly though Amazing Fencing, these constructions will hold back soil, prevent erosion and claim back unusable sloping land. If these products can’t fulfil their basic purpose, which is to support and prevent the movement of soil, then they are of no use to our clients. That’s why we ensure that all of our timber retaining walls are built to the highest possible level of functionality.

Our materials of choice to build these structures include plantation-grown treated pine, which ensures protection against rotting and termites. Utilising high-quality materials such as these is a sure-fire way to ensure the longevity and strength of any retainment structure – both of which are truly important.

The implementation of this product range can make a major difference when it comes to freeing up areas of your property you might have previously thought unusable, creating new development opportunities and otherwise granting you control over the geography of your land.

Our timber retaining walls are a popular choice among Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast home owners and landscapers. This is because they make effective use of all available space, and complement the natural aesthetics of any geographical or landscaping features.
Amazing Fencing retaining walls

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

1. Correct Uneven Terrain

Living hillside or anywhere sloped can be a problem for your home’s kerb appeal. We can fix that with a retaining wall that will even improve the look of your property.

2. Provide Garden Protection

Our retaining walls keep dirt intact and away from your precious plants and garden decorations. With the right design, we can integrate the wall with the appearance of the property as well.

3. Protect Walkways

We can build a retaining wall to keep a structure in place, so that you can have an easy and accessible walkway to your property.

We integrate retaining walls with the natural landscape. Beyond function, we also think about the aesthetics of our projects.

Expert Build Quality

A retaining wall is only as good as the material used to build it, and the craftsmanship that made it. At Amazing Fencing, we dedicate ourselves to excellence in both aspects, for walls that withstand natural wear and weather phenomena.

We collaborate with the country’s finest material suppliers to provide nothing but the best resources for our projects. Our quality of materials makes it possible for us to issue long warranties with our solutions.

What sets us apart from other companies is that when we build a retaining wall, we focus on that project – down to the littlest of details – to guarantee customer satisfaction. On top of that, we run an efficient and streamlined process so that our tradesmen could complete the project in a timely fashion.

The fusion of material and workmanship is the formula for a great retaining wall. At Amazing Fencing, we don’t experiment to achieve that; we complete such projects on a regular basis.

Retaining Wall Regulations

In some states there are government has regulations depending on the type of lot you have or where you are located.

An example of this is Queensland:


The Queensland government has standards depending on the area classification of a property. We follow all these statutes and clearly state the things we can and cannot do with a project.


We check and verify if there are constraints – whether related to the local plan, environment, or heritage – before proceeding. Our personnel identify key factors prior to constructing a retaining wall.

Lot size

Lastly, we take the lot size into account. We ensure that our retaining wall fits perfectly with the lay of the land in terms of aesthetics and usage.
You cannot go wrong when you entrust your retaining wall project with us. Here at Amazing Fencing, we work closely with our clients to achieve the best results. Talk to us today for a free quote on your project.


“Our house is on a pretty steep slope and we were having trouble containing our garden and pathways – especially during heavy rain. We hired Amazing Fencing to come install a timber retaining wall in areas that needed extra support. I was really blown away with how attractive the finished product was. The walls didn’t just keep our yard safe, it also added a bit of character.”

– D. Kachter, VIC
“The installers were lovely, friendly blokes and worked bloody hard. The office people have been friendly and helpful too, so well done everyone!”

– Lawrie Webb, NSW
“There were no nasty surprises in the final bill which was exactly as quoted, and your receipt was sent promptly, so we can approach our neighbours for reimbursement of their share.”

– John Jordan, NSW
“I have had such a good experience with everyone I have been in contact with at Amazing Fencing. I really appreciated the quick follow ups and excellent professional service.”

– Marilyn Simon, QLD
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