A User’s Guide to Fencing

Fencing serves multiple purposes. It’s both a security measure and a design feature. Some fences, like swimming pool fences, are literally life saving devices. Fencing contractors are design consultants, professional tradespeople, and professional problem solvers for homeowners around Australia.

Fences and fencing -- Classes of fencing

Fences are a lot more than just fences. They provide a lot of services and amenities people often don’t even notice.

There are several different classes of fencing, and they all have their own special uses:

Residential fencing: Includes privacy screening, perimeter fencing, garden fencing and dividing fences.

Security fencing: Used for residential and business security, includes access gates and can be fitted in to security planning.

Swimming pool fencing: Special access restricting fences used to ensure pool safety for toddlers and prevent tragic drownings. These fences are life savers.

Landscaping fencing: Design-based fencing, used for full scale property landscaping.

Non-residential property fencing: Usually wire fencing, used for areas like schools, industrial sites, and similar sites.

Safety fencing: Used in dangerous areas to prevent accidents. May be used on industrial, construction and public access areas.

Fencing- Multiple jobs in any environment

As a matter of fact, all fences do multiple jobs. The average family home’s fencing, for instance, actually fills a whole range of roles:

  • Dividing fences
  • Perimeter fence
  • Privacy screen
  • Security fence
  • Access control
  • Kid-safe fenced zone
  • Garden fencing
  • Swimming pool fence
  • Safety fencing where required

In many cases the basic residential fencing is adapted to work in different ways in different places. Colorbond fencingcan be adapted into many different roles in residential fencing. Timber fencing is extremely adaptable and can be used on any site, however complex.

Finding the fencing you need

The main issue when you need fencing is getting the fence that will do all the jobs you need it to do. Every home and business is different, and every site is different. To do the job properly, it’s a very good idea to get professional advice, before you spend a cent.

A fencing contractor can save you a lot of trouble, and often a lot of money, by doing a full assessment of your needs and some brainstorming about solving site problems and issues.

There’s some hard dollar value in getting this assessment, because it’s quite possible to install some fencing and then find you still need to deal with site requirements. Fencing should be integrated, and it’s cheaper to get one job done than to have to pay for several jobs.

Check your local fencing contractor to find out what’s available. Most fencing companies can also get special fencing if you want it, so you can get an idea of your options as well as getting the invaluable professional advice.

Fencing contractors can also spot problems you might not even notice, yourself. There are often many issues involved in installing fences. Some of the typical issues include:

  • Site access issues and building line problems
  • Local site conditions
  • Types of fencing required for sites
  • Gates and accessibility

You can get excellent fencing and good deals. Talk to your local fencing contractor, and see what’s possible.


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