Top 5 Reasons Timber Fences Have Endured

With the arrival of Colorbond fencing and other new styles of fencing solutions over the last couple of decades, one could be forgiven for thinking that traditional timber fencing would eventually fall by the wayside. However, timber fencing has most certainly endured, and this is because it still offers a number of key advantages that other fencing types simply cannot offer. In this article, we're going to look at five of the biggest benefits of timber fencing to help explain just why this style of fence construction has endured, and why you'll still see it on so many modern homes.

1. Easy to install

Whether you're having them installed by a professional or you're undertaking the project yourself, the installation of timber fencing is a much easier affair than other styles of fencing. As long as you've got all the appropriate materials, which can be picked up from most major hardware stores, you can attempt the project yourself, though it would be a good idea to consult fencing specialists if doing so to ensure that your wooden fencing is structurally sound.

2. Easy to alter height

Colorbond fencing is not particularly customisable; while it has its own advantages, you're basically set with the design as it is -- if you want something different, then you're going to have to reinstall the fence altogether. With timber fencing, on the other hand, the height can be adjusted simply by lowering the fence panels (though, obviously, if you need your fence to be higher then this is going to be a little more problematic). Or say, for example, you wanted to create a stepped effect with your timber palings -- you can simply carve the palings to the appropriate size.

3. Easy to add decoration

You can also add optional extras such as railings, flower boxes, your house number, and so forth -- all you need is a hammer and some nails. Or perhaps you'll want to take out a section of your fence to add something in between -- a letterbox, for example. All you need to do is remove the appropriate palings and install your addition. This is a luxury you don't have with continuous styles of fencing.

4. Easy to paint

It's definitely not hard to add another coat of paint to a wooden fence, or perhaps to repaint a wooden fence altogether. When doing this with other styles of fencing, painting is often not possible or, where it is, you will be required to follow specific manufacturers instructions so as not to ruin the fence or potentially void your warranty.

5. Adds character

The old-school charm of timber fencing simply cannot be denied. From traditional homes to more modern designs, timber fences are versatile in every way. These days, you can go with the traditional charm of a picket fence, or perhaps take on something that will add a little more height and privacy -- in this case, your fence should definitely be installed by fencing contractors who would have the knowledge and experience required to provide you with the appropriate fencing structure.


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