What Timber is Best When Building a Fence?

What Timber is Best When Building a Fence?

While technology has meant there are many new materials which can be used for fencing Australians still tend to favour timber, preferring a more traditional look. Timber fencing is aesthetically pleasing, secure and allows for good privacy without creating the feeling of being closed in.
For those who love a classic home, the white picket fence is still a dream of many.

However, as Home Improvement Pages points out, while timber fences look great they do require a certain level of maintenance, with some needing more than others. So what is the best timber for a fence?

Most fences have three components: fence posts, fence rails and fence siding. All components are subject to the elements, but it is the posts that carry the most risk of decay and termite infestation. Choose the wrong timber for your posts, and you put the rest of your fence in harm’s way.

The most durable timber you can buy is considered Class I timbers. These include ironbark, tallowwood, cypress, grey gum and yellow cedar. Timbers such radiata pine, douglas fir and Tasmanian Oak are considered Class IV and should not be used unless treated.

When using treated material such as pine, there are certain factors that should be considered. Treated timbers offer a variety of classifications that should be followed:

  • H1 should only ever be used for indoor purposes.
  • H2 is somewhat more durable, but cannot handle the wet well.
  • H3 treated pine can be used outdoors, providing it is above ground and in an area prone to moderate weather.
  • H4 is fine to use in the ground.
  • H5 is a good option for areas that see large amounts of rain.
  • H6 can be used in marine applications.

Treated pine is one of the top choices in Australia, thanks to its affordability. However, speak to your local fencing materials supplier before using it and always opt for a more durable wood for posts.




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