The Evolution of Fences

Fences are a landmark of the suburban landscape. It is a simple structure that gives people privacy and security. Being the most basic division of property, the fence is such a constant part of everyday life that they just form part of the background. Not all fences are created equal, though; they’ve gone through a distinct evolution to become what we see today.

The first fences were meant to keep everything out. But, as new materials, building techniques and styles emerged, the fence took on a variety of forms.

Consider the most common fence types, starting from the dangerous barbed wire fences, the perfectly aligned white picket fences, and tall chain link fences. Each fence serves a similar purpose, keeping things out or in a certain boundary. Each fence, however, carries out the task in a different manner and presents a different image to the people outside.

Timber Fences

The Timber fence is one of the oldest and most popular fence types in the world. It is a no-nonsense and versatile structure and some people already consider it a wall.

Timber fences can be used on all boundaries and are visually pleasing from both sides.

Picket Fences

The picket fence is the smaller cousin of the timber fence. Though this type of fence is widely thought of as a part of the American Dream, they hardly have a claim on it. This type of fence is popular because it is the ultimate decorative barrier.

Marking property boundaries do not have to be a drudge; homeowners can use picket fences to add a little pep and class to their exterior spaces.

Chain Wire Fences

Chain wire fencing is the most simplistic and recognisable of all the fence types. Mostly used in metro environments, chain wire fences enforce security while allowing a full view of everything on the other side. This function proves perfect for containment where visuals are necessary.

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