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Timber fences are a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home and increase its resale value. Also, they can discourage burglars or stray animals, and keep your children and your pets guarded. But over time, some timber fences can rot and disintegrate due to harsh elements and the way you take care of it.

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However, if you have an existing fence that was not treated correctly supplied by another company, taking care of timber fencing is fairly easy. All you need is to make cleaning a habit. Here are some other tips that will help you make this chore simple yet effective.

Treat It

The most commonly used treatment products is Tanalith E. Using this product will reduce the fungal decay by making the fence undergo a vacuum process, which soaks the timber in preservative using pressure. This way of treating the timber will provide extra protection against fading and weathering.

Seal It

You can also use sealers to protect the fence from moisture. The sealing process may include the use of stains and paints. Apply these products onto the wood in broad and smooth strokes. After drying the paint or stain, brush the wood with at least two coats of sealers. The application of a sealer should be done regularly.

Use Proper Equipment

While you use a comprehensive range of sealing and painting products, the fencing may still get damaged if you use the wrong equipment. When removing stains and soils, resist the urge to use sharp scrapers or steel brushes. Avoid pressure washing as much as possible.

Train Your Pets

If you live in a house with cats, dogs, and other animals, make it a point to train them. As they are territorial, they may mark the fence with scratches and urine, which are all bad for wood. Provide them with a scratching board or make them aware that the fence area is not their territory.

Taking care of your fence will prolong its life and function. Follow these tips and carry out maintenance tasks as soon as you spot some damages. If you’re in need of high quality fencing products and services, contact us today and browse our other pages to learn more.


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