Steel fencing reigns supreme: Why you should make the switch

Steel fencing has long been a top choice for homeowners and investors all over Australia. Here at Amazing Fencing, our team is regularly installing Colorbond and PermaSteel fences and we often recommend steel to our clients who are seeking a durable and stylish new fence.

Why is steel fencing still so popular after all this time? Read below as we uncover some of the many benefits of steel fencing and why you should consider it for your property.


One of the reasons steel fencing is so sought after is because of its highly durable design. A steel fence is built to last for many years and it will withstand a full range of conditions that get thrown its way.

This even includes the extreme weather that we experience here in Australia. If you’re seeking a fence that doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance and will stand the test of time, a steel fence is an easy solution.


Not only is a steel fence a practical choice for property owners across Australia, but it’s also a top choice for those wanting to refresh the look of their property. Many steel fencing products are available in a variety of colours and sizes, ensuring there is an option that will complement any property regardless of age or style.

Here at Amazing Fencing, we regularly recommend the Colorbond and PermaSteel ranges to those who are wanting to give the exterior of their property a facelift.

Security & Privacy:

Due to the strong and sturdy design of a steel fence, you’ll be sure to improve the security measures as well as the privacy of your property. A steel fence is a simple way to deter intruders from any home or business.

Available in various sizing options, both Colorbond and PermaSteel fences are also ideal for creating a private outdoor area. Here at Amazing Fencing, our team of experts will be more than happy to help you find the best steel fence option to suit your requirements.


You might be thinking a new steel fence is outside of your price range. This isn’t necessarily true! There are many affordable steel fence options out there. Here at Amazing Fencing, we often recommend PermaSteel to those clients who are wanting to stick to a budget.

PermaSteel offers many of the same benefits of a Colorbond steel fence but comes at a much more affordable price.


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