Reducing Heat in Your Home and Backyard

Finding ways to reduce heat in your home and yard is important, especially if you want to make the most out of the summer, rather than just struggle through it. The following ideas will help cut degrees off the temperature at your place, so take note and make sure you are better prepared to deal with the heat this coming summer.

Air conditioning

One of the easiest ways to reduce the heat is by investing in an air conditioner for your home. Nothing will cool down your place quicker than a modern air conditioning system, and to save money you can even have it programmed to be off when you are out, but capable of turning on by remote control half an hour or so before you get back in.

Keep the heat out

The best way to reduce heat is by keeping it out in the first place, so make sure you use blinds and awnings to good effect and close up all of your doors and windows before the day gets too hot. The only breeze you will get on a scorching hot day will be a hot one, so close your home up early on in the day and keep the heat out.

Get a pool

A great way to reduce heat in your home and yard is by providing a way to cool down, and nothing will do this better than a backyard pool. Once the temperatures reach a certain point, your pool will provide a fun way to properly cool down, making your home and yard your own piece of paradise when the weather starts to get warm.

Provide shade

Whether you get a pergola, a retractable awning or a fence, shade is crucial if you hope to stay cool enough to enjoy those hot summer days, so make sure you and your family always have a nice big patch of shade waiting for you in your backyard. Your trees may provide some shade already, but with a proper covering and some better fencing, you will not only have shade, but also protection from rain and wind.

Avoid the oven

If the temperatures are steadily rising and you can tell the day will be a warm one, avoid using the oven, because there will be more than enough heat in your place already. Eat salads or other cold food instead, because it is cruel for anyone to have to be cooking on a really hot day.

Cooler floors

Having carpet all through your home will be great in the winter when it is cold, but during the summer it will make it almost impossible to cool down. Consider replacing your carpets with some sort of stone or tile flooring instead, because not only will this be cooler, easier to clean and better for the air quality, but you can also bring in a nice rug to warm things up again in the winter.


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