How to Put Up A Wooden Fence

Here are some useful tips for putting up a wooden fence, courtesy of The Journal Times.

  • Work out where the fence will go and mark it out completely with string and stakes before you do anything else.
  • Dig the holes for the corner posts, using either a hand auger or a motorised auger from a hire shop.
  • If your corner posts are eight feet long, then you need to dig a three foot deep hole to put them in (approximately one third should be in the ground).
  • Drop a rock into the hole as a foundation to rest the post on and square up the post.
  • Instead of pouring cement into the hole (which makes replacing the post at a later date very difficult), pour in a mix of earth and gravel, tamping down repeatedly, until the hole is filled in. Repeat with the other corner posts.
  • Once all corner posts are square and set, work out where the line posts will go (these should be at least every eight feet).
  • If there is going to be a gate, mark out where it will go before continuing.


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