Chain Wire Fencing

chain wire fencing

Chain wire fencing is a straight forward and cost effective approach in providing all round security for your property. Not just for the domestic home, chain wire fencing is a popular choice for sporting venues, industrial premises, security cages, public gardens and schools

Amazing Fencing specialises in providing and installing the ideal chain wire fence to suit the needs of the property. The appeal of chain wire fencing is how versatile it is when it comes to site design. It can be easily modified to suit nearly every type of surface and terrain and comes with an installation warranty.

Chain Wire Fences

Beauty, security and privacy are among the top concerns when choosing the right fencing. Amazing Fencing sells and installs chain wire fences that offer all of these benefits. Whether it’s for your home or office space, we have the best type of fencing that fits your specific needs and budget. We can also customise your fence to meet the unique requirements of your property.


Our chain wire fencing is also available with PVC coating with the option of two colours, green or black, to compliment the surroundings and blend into the landscape. The PVC coated chain wire fencing has the strength of the raw galvanized fencing with the added benefit of style. Also a fantastic option for aluminum garden fencing


Every part of the chain wire fence installed by Amazing Fencing is galvanized inclusive of the wire, the posts, the rails and the frame. Chain wire fencing is an extremely durable and economical option with almost no maintenance required. The quality of the steel is reinforced with powder-coated fence components.


In addition to the option of PVC coating, chain wire fencing can be installed and tailored to fit almost any configuration and terrain by our experienced team at Amazing Fencing. Chain wire fencing can also be easily extended, and relocated to suit most site designs and layouts.

Chain Wire Security Fencing

Our high quality steel chain wire fencing security fencing provides outstanding all round security and works exceptionally well in any location. Highly durable and economical, our fences make a great addition to your property and are the perfect solution to your long-term security needs. We use galvanized posts, wires, rails and frames to make sure your fencing will last for years and require little to no maintenance.

Available in green and black colours, our PVC coated chain wire security fencing products excel in terms of beauty and toughness. They can blend in with the surroundings to create a desirable look and feel. Should you have any site design or layout issues, we can tailor your fence to fit the situation. Relocation or extension is also possible, particularly if you’re planning to configure your residential or commercial security system.

Tubular Steel Security Fencing

This type of fencing is tough and highly versatile. We can build it as high and strong as the situation requires. Our tubular steel security fencing serves as an effective barrier that will protect you from intruders and other types of criminal elements. We strengthen security around access points by incorporating big, solid gates in the design. Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, this product is one of the best fencing options available today.


As with all of our fences, Amazing Fencing will provide you with a 10 year complete fence warranty with your chain wire security fence. The quality of your fence installation is guaranteed with all of our tradesmen fully licensed and insured.

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