Mixing Modern and Rustic in Your Home

It is always difficult to know how to decorate your home. Modern styles are attractive, but they can sometimes look too clinical. The rustic on the other hand has an innate charm, but it can also look haphazard and messy too. Getting the right blend between modern and rustic is a good answer to this conundrum and herein we consider how that is possible.

The Driveway

The driveway is the first thing that people will see when arriving at your home, so this is a good place to start tailoring the look of the property. Laying a gravel driveway is a good way to embrace the rustic and benefit from security improvements too. Gravel allows you to hear anyone approaching your home. Installing tall driveway gates is another great way to embrace the rustic look and you can combine the modern by opting for the automatic version. Arriving home to gently swinging gates is an excellent way to improve your home and your enjoyment of it.

The Perimeter

The perimeter of your home is one of the hardest areas to make look nice because you have to install a boundary. Running a timber fence around your garden, however, is a good compromise. Timber blends in naturally with the surrounding foliage and still provides the security of a barrier.

Sculpted Foliage

Blending the modern and the rustic with plants is difficult, but sculpted foliage offers a good solution. Sculpted foliage looks modern and stylish, but it is also an historical style of garden that dates back to pre-colonial England and much of Europe. With a nicely designed and sculpted pattern of hedging, the blend of modern and rustic will be great to enjoy.

Quirky Decorations

The blend of modern and rustic allows for some very quirky decorations. One of the best is the combination of a small wooden wheelbarrow with some bright and vibrant flowers. Using a small wheelbarrow as a flowerpot in this manner allows the creation of a wonderful blend because the wheelbarrow will begin to crumble over time, but the flowers in contrast will shine with new life each season. Another good option is the combination of a small stone well with a flowerbed because this presents the same image of the old and the new.

Covered Spaces

Using natural foliage to create screens is another great way to utilize the rustic in your garden. Creating a screen out of willow, for example, will allow you to cast shade on an area with a hammock or some other modern seating. The seclusion this creates will be comfortable to enjoy in private and the surrounding foliage will provide a rustic feel.

Brick Barbeques

Most barbeques today are modern gas powered models and the quality that these barbeques provide is excellent. A modern barbeque can look out of place in a rustic garden, however, so combining this with a brick barbeque area is a good option. By creating a brick area for a barbeque you will be able to get the best from a modern model and a rustic place to house it too. Be sure to leave space to upsize your barbeque if you do this, however, so you have space for growth.


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