Make Your Fence a Seamless Part of Your Landscaping

Imagine your ideal backyard. It may feature water elements creating soothing sounds, vegetables flourishing in orderly rows, wildflowers growing along stone pathways or mature trees creating shade over a wooden patio. 

Now think beyond the obvious landscaping elements. What type of fence surrounds your dream yard? Whether you envision a natural timber fence or a durable steel barrier, you want your fence to complement the landscaping. Consult the list below to discover ways to unify your fence and your landscaping.

1. Choose a slat and screen fence.

wooden fence

wooden slat fence

Traditional timber fences have pickets that stand vertically. In contrast, the wood slats on slat and screen fences run horizontally. They also feature space between each slat so you can see through the fence to the nature beyond your property line. Slat and screen fences work well for homeowners who want to ensure security without compromising their view.

2. Use your fence as a trellis.

Patio furniture

fence as a trellis

If you want your fence to feel united with the plant life growing in your yard, incorporate trellis panels into the fence. Trellis panels contain criss-crossing wood or metal boards, and plants can grow in between the boards. Apply both care and patience as you train vines to grow up the trellis. The final look is worth the effort.

3. Place shorter fence walls as dividers


short fence divider

You can use fencing to do more than outline your entire property. Shorter fencing can segment your landscaping into smaller areas similar to how walls create divisions inside your home. Place short picket fences around gardens to keep out curious explorers like children or pets. Or line the pathway to your home's main entry with a short fence surrounded by beautiful blooms.

4. Make your fence functional and decorative.

White picket fence and flowers

functional decorative fence

A timber fence offers you several ways to add personal details to your yard and also make the space more useful. The following ideas make your fence much more than a backdrop:

Find wooden crates and paint them in bright colours. Nail the crates onto one panel of your fence with the opening facing outward. Use the space inside the crates as storage for your most-needed garden tools.
Select 3-7 wooden birdhouses. Paint them in desired colours. Then attach hooks to your fence. Use string or metal hooks to hang the birdhouses from your fence. Don't forget to add birdseed to attract feathered friends! Place a fence around an open deck to create protective railings. Place potted flowers or shrubs on the deck next to the fence. These plants create a smooth transition to nature in this outdoor living space.

5. Plant similar shrubs, flowers and other greenery on both sides of a gate.

Wooden Bench In Garden

shrubs and greenery

This idea aims to create continuity while also protecting your property with a sturdy gate. When the plants on both sides of a gate mirror each other, the gate becomes less of a dividing line. Instead, it feels like an entryway into a secluded area.

6. Put up an arbour.



If you have a large yard that lacks shade, install an arbour. Fencing specialists can help you design an arbour made from a material that matches your existing fence. Colour matters here. You can choose natural wood tones which create contrast or deeper browns and greens that blend with the plants around it.

Once it's up, your arbour becomes like a free-standing trellis, so encourage plants to grow around and on it. Then place a bench beneath your shady arbour so you can relax in your outdoor oasis.

Now that you feel inspired to help your fence and your landscaping complement each other, it's time to get to work. Talk to a local fencing specialist about your options for modifying your existing fence or installing a new fence. Your dream backyard awaits!


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