Low maintenance fencing options that will save you money

Are you looking for a new fence that won’t require constant repairs and updates? There’s a tonne of low-maintenance fencing options out there!

Here at Amazing Fencing, our clients often ask us about low-maintenance fencing types that will save them money down the track.

This is why we’ve created a simple summary to outline our top choices when it comes to low-maintenance fencing options.

Steel Fencing:

Steel fencing has long been a fan favourite for property owners who are seeking a highly durable fence that will also help when it comes to privacy and security. If you’re looking for a durable fence that’s low maintenance—steel fencing is the one for you.

Here at Amazing Fencing, we install a range of trusted steel fencing products including Colorbond and the PermaSteel fencing range. Easy to clean, and strong enough to hold up against wild weather conditions—steel fencing is a simple solution if you’re wanting a low maintenance fence that won’t be easily damaged down the track.

Although Colorbond fencing is often the first thing that comes to mind when we think about steel fencing, PermaSteel is another name that we recommend. PermaSteel provides many of the same benefits of a Colorbond fence but it comes at a more affordable price. This is why PermaSteel is a great option for those wanting to stick to a budget but also don’t want to be left with a fence that’s easily damaged.

red colorbond fence

Timber Fencing

Timber fencing probably isn’t the first thing you would think of when it comes to low-maintenance fencing. But these days, you’d be quite surprised by how strong and durable timber fences can be. Here at Amazing Fencing, all our timber materials are sourced from trusted suppliers and the timber is specially treated before installation to ensure longevity and reduce the risk of termites. Our experienced tradesmen won’t rush the installation process, ensuring your new timber fence is strong and sturdy.

Lapped timber fence

Time for a new low-maintenance fence?

If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance fence, you’ve come to the right place. The skilled team at Amazing Fencing has been installing fences for years and we’ve assisted countless clients to find the best fencing options to suit their needs and budget. When it comes to low-maintenance fencing, either steel or timber will be your ideal solution!

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