Knowing When to Go With Chainwire Fencing

In this article, we're going to discuss a type of fencing that goes by many names -- chain-link fencing, wire fencing, chainwire fencing, and even hurricane fencing, just to name a few. For our purposes, we've decide that we're going to refer to it as chainwire fencing. Fencing contractors have been offering chainwire fencing for years, but how do you know when chainwire fencing is right for you?

What is chainwire fencing?

However you wish to refer to chainwire, this type of fencing is immediately recognisable as woven wire fencing, made from galvanised metal and often seen on tennis courts, schools, industrial complexes and so forth. The wires run diagonally in two directions, forming a diamond pattern. Generally, the fences are metallic grey in colour, though they can easily be painted, with black and green examples common.

Business and industrial security

First and foremost, chainwire fencing is considered a security solution for businesses. It is used because it allows passers-by to see onto the premises, which is often essential for businesses, while still providing a level of security from intruders, especially at night time. Chainwire fencing can also be fitted easily with barbed wire at the top to stop people from climbing up because, while dangerous, it is certainly possible for agile individuals to scale the fence by using the diamond shapes as footholds.

Promotional possibilities

As far as businesses go, chainwire fencing is also an effective solution when it comes to marketing and promotion. Not only are passers-by able to see into the premises through the fencing -- crucial for presenting a transparent and outward image -- but business owners are also able to easily hang promotional signs and posters from the fencing which will also be easily visible to passers-by. This provides several opportunities for promotional initiatives (though common street signs and posters could easily be placed here as well, which isn't always ideal).

High level of adaptability

Chainwire fencing is also highly adaptable to most site designs and layouts, and is able to be tailored to fit pretty much any situation as it is required. It can easily be extended outwards, and unlike Colorbond fencing, chainwire fencing can be easily extended upwards too, making them a cost-effective solution in the long term.

Minimal maintenance required

Another advantage of chainwire fencing is that it is highly resistant to rot, requiring little maintenance in the long term. This is a common problem for timber fencing; while great-looking, cheap and easily alterable, timber fencing is difficult to maintain and may easily rot or be eaten away by termites. The high-grade, galvanised material generally used in chainwire fencing means you'll have a minimum of fuss and upkeep.

When to choose chainwire fencing

Realistically, chainwire fencing is not the ideal solution for a home, as it isn't the most attractive type of fencing in the world and it doesn't offer the same level of privacy that most residential property owners seek. However, when used in the application of a business or industrial environment, chainwire fencing is often the best and most cost-effective solution available.


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