Keeping Your Pool Area Clean in Winter

Having a pool is one of the best possible features any home could have, but only if you are taking the time to look after it properly, especially during those winter months when you don’t get to enjoy the benefits of owning a pool quite so much. The following is a look at some of the things you can do to ensure your pool area is kept clean throughout the winter, which will make life a whole lot easier when summer finally rolls around and you want to start swimming again.

Pack supplies away

If you have closed your pool down for the winter and don’t plan on using it again until at least the spring, an easy way to keep your pool area clean is to pack all of those pool toys and other supplies away. This will leave less out there to get tossed around by the wind and rain over the winter and therefore make it significantly easier to keep your pool area clean.

Lock the pool fence gate

Having spent all that time cleaning and shutting down your pool area for the winter, you will want to keep it in this clean state right through until the spring, so keep your kids, the dog and everyone else out of there by getting a lock for your pool fence gate. With your pool closed down there will be no need for anyone to be in there anyhow, and with it locked up there will be no chance of extra mess being made.

Store pool furniture

Packing your pool furniture away is a smart move to help keep your pool area clean throughout the winter, as otherwise your light plastic pool furniture is likely to get tossed around by the wind and rain. Apart from creating a mess, your pool furniture can also do some damage if it starts getting thrown about, so for the sake of cleanliness and safety, be sure to pack all of that pool furniture away as soon as you have closed the pool for the winter.

Use a pool cover

If you are closing your pool for the winter and want to keep it clean, it is a smart move to invest in a pool cover, as this will prevent leaves, twigs and branches from being blown into the pool throughout the winter. If you have cleaned your pool well and are able to keep it covered throughout the winter, it will be simple and easy to reopen your pool in the summer; so use a pool cover to ensure your pool remains clean, rather than accumulating debris all winter long.

Establish a routine

By making an effort to stay on top of your pool-area cleaning throughout the winter, you will have a lot less mess to deal with before opening your pool in the summer, so establish a winter cleaning routine for your pool area and be sure to stick to it. You shouldn’t need to do much more than collect any fallen twigs and branches and do a quick sweep, and by doing it weekly rather than monthly it shouldn’t take much effort.


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