Improving Security Around Your Fence Line

The security of any property starts with its fencing, as it is very much your first line of defence against any number of threats, so make sure your fence line is being effective at keeping intruders off your property and away from your place. The following is a brief look at a few easy ways to improve the security of your perimeter fencing.

Carry out regular inspections and maintenance

Having any sort of hole or gap in your fencing will make a mockery of your security efforts, as well as provide anyone who wants it with an easy entry point onto your property, so it is crucial that you find and fix any weak spots quickly. You should conduct regular and thorough inspections of the entire fence line, and the more frequently you do so the better, because it is vital that you find any weak spots before they can be exploited.

Invest in CCTV

A fantastic way to improve security along your fence line is with CCTV, because very few people will want to be videotaped trying to break through, get over or otherwise damage your fence. It is a good idea to post signs warning of your surveillance as it can help increase the deterrence effect, and for those willing to take the risk, you will have evidence to hold them accountable for their actions. To save money on your CCTV, have your cameras connected to motion sensors, so they will turn on when there is anything to see, and remain off the rest of the time.

Block visibility

A smart way to improve the security of your place is to use your fencing to block visibility, as the less people can see, the less tempted they will be to break in and steal something. You can often use vines and plants along your fence line to cover things up considerably, and while it may take a long time to get much coverage if you are starting from scratch, the effect can be quite stunning. If your current fence is old and worn, it may be time to upgrade anyway, so make your new fence one that is a little harder to see through or over.

Invest in motion sensor lighting

Whether you are trying to protect your property from intruders or vandals, the more light you have along your fence line the better, and motion sensor lighting offers a fantastic solution. By having your entire fence line covered by motion sensor operated lighting, you will take away the cover of darkness from would-be threats without costing you a fortune on your energy bills.

Remove possible aids to threats

Make sure there is nothing left sitting along your fence line that could aid attempts to get over, under or through it; otherwise, you will be setting yourself up as a target. Items such as boxes, milk crates and scrap wood can make it extremely easy for someone to get past your fence and closer to your place, so make life harder for those would-be threats by removing anything that could possibly help them.


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