How to Properly Maintain Your Timber Fence

Keep your timber fence looking great and make sure it lasts for years to come by adopting some basic timber maintenance strategies. Here at Amazing Fencing, we create our timber fences from highly durable materials sourced from trusted suppliers—we also provide a 40-year guarantee with all our fences.

Even with this reassurance, it’s still very important to make sure you take care of your timber fence so it looks great and continues to provide both security and privacy without the need for repairs.

Our timber fencing experts have put together a summary of some of our top tips for maintaining timber fencing, particularly within our Australian climate:


Generally ensuring that your timber fence is kept clean is an easy way to help prevent damage and extend the life of your fence. Quick and effective, giving your fence a hose-down every few weeks will help clear it of any dirt build-up, assuming water restrictions are not in place.

Another maintenance tip for timber fencing it to ensure that all branches, bushes and plants near the fence are trimmed. This is because trees and plants hold moisture and if your timber fence absorbs unnecessary moisture it can age prematurely.

Treat & Seal:

At Amazing Fencing, our timber fencing products are correctly treated before installation. If you have an older timber fence that was installed by another company, it may not have been treated like ours are. By using a timber treatment product on your fence, you’ll help reduce the chance of fungal decay forming and also provide added protection against fading and weathering.

Sealers are also used to help protect the timber fence from absorbing too much moisture. If your fence is not treated correctly, you should consider sealing your timber fence regularly to ensure it’s always protected.


If your timber fence suffers any kind of damage, such as storm damage, be sure to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid the issue becoming worse over time.

Another thing to be mindful of if the risk of termites. Termites like soil, so try to keep your fence above ground where possible. Remember, it’s better to work to prevent termites than have to deal with exterminating them once they arrive.

Need More Timber Fencing Advice?

For more information on timber fencing maintenance or any other fencing enquiries—be sure to contact the specialists at Amazing Fencing.

If timber fencing isn’t for you, we also install a wide range of steel fencing products including PermaSteel and Colorbond. Give our expert team a call today to arrange your free quote.


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