Little Paradise: Childproofing Your Yard

Spending time outside is a great way for kids to grow and to learn. In today’s article, Amazing Fencing shares yard childproofing secrets to keep your kids safe.

Kids are naturally very curious and active. They need lots of space for running and exploring around – making your front lawn or backyard the perfect place for endless playtime. Apart from fitting your home interiors with childproofing measures, you also have to make sure the outdoor areas of your property are safe for them, too.

There are many aspects to consider when childproofing your backyard to ensure it is truly safe. Given how it is exposed to the elements, you have to consider hazards like bugs and plants. Making sure the backyard is safe for kids is of the essence.

Take a look at the following preventive measures:

1. Choose Non-Chemical Pest and Weed Control

If you are going to use pest and weed controls, make sure that whatever products you get are chemical-free. There are safe ways to control pest or weed infestation that are non-toxic to people.

If you really have to use these products for gardening or lawn maintenance, make sure the young ones are away from the area.

2. Remove Toxic Plants

Gardening is a great activity for kids, but you have to make sure all the plants they come into contact with are safe. Always consult with horticulturists or expert gardeners regarding the plants grown in your garden.

Some plats to avoid include Yellow Oleander, Foxglove, Deadly Nightshade, Euphorbia species, White Cedar, Angels Trumpet and Azalea. Additionally, there are a range of plants that can be toxic to pets – another reason to choose your yard’s flora and fauna carefully.

3. Lock Up The Tools

Do not leave any tools not meant for children’s use lying around. Lock these items up in a shed and put away all chemicals.

4. Secure the Parameters

The first thing you want to do is to define boundaries. How far out are children allowed to run and play? It’s easy to look after children if you are sitting within arm’s reach, but that can’t always be the case.

Fences are a great solution for enclosing the yard, and we have many types available to suit all budgets and homes – timber, slats, screen, colorbond, and permasteel.

5. Fence the Pool

Pool fencing is required by law around Australia and with good reason. All it takes is one slip and a few unsupervised seconds for a child fall into a pool and drown.

Each state has its own regulations on pool fencing, but generally fences must be 1.2 metres high with no obvious climbing spots and a gate that can only swings outwards from the pool area.

Making Your Home Child-friendly

Time spent outdoors contribute to a child’s holistic development. Do not be afraid to let them dig their fingers into the ground and get themselves dirty. These experiences will have a positive and lasting effect on your kids. When it comes to your child’s safety, it is always best to go with the most ideal solutions.

At Amazing Fencing, we fully understand what it takes to keep your yard looking good and functional. We install high-quality fences that will suit your every need. Give us a call now to learn more about our products and offerings.

Summary Child-friendly Yard Proofing

To ensure your child will be safe in your backyard, you will want to:

  1. Choose non-chemical weed and pest control
  2. Remove toxic or hazardous (thorns etc) plants
  3. Lock up all tools and chemicals
  4. Install appropriate fencing to set the boundaries of your property/yard
  5. Install appropriate pool fencing with a gate that opens outward, away from the pool


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