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'Curb appeal' is a term often used by Real Estate agents when they are assessing or selling a property. So what is curb appeal? Curb appeal is the appeal and attractiveness your home has from the sidewalk (or curb). The overall look and feel of your property is what adds or detracts from curb appeal. Many home owners concentrate on the interior of their home when it comes to upkeep and renovations, however, the first impression is not what's inside the house, but rather what surrounds the house - your yard. You can have the most magnificent interior design in your home but if you have a rickety front gate and overgrown garden, the first impression is not going to be a good one.
Your curb appeal is increased by how well maintained and welcoming your front yard is. Here are some tips to help give your curb appeal a mini makeover:
Have a proper entry: This may sound obvious but many homes for whatever reason may not be using the original front door. There may be a side entrance or even a side gate to access the home. If your entrance is not facing the front, you need to ensure that it is clear to those who visit your home on where the 'front door' actually is. This can be done by laying a pathway from the front to your entrance door, using outdoor lights to guide the way or just some creative landscaping with your plants and allowing the greenery to navigate visitors in the right direction.
Keep your garden and lawn tidy: There is no point spending money on a beautifully landscaped garden if it's overgrown with weeds and long grass. Make a habit of maintaining your garden once a week then it wont turn into a huge job. This includes removing and replacing any dead plants. If you don't have a green thumb, select plants that are somewhat self-sufficient and suitable to the climate you live in. A Queensland home owner would choose differently to a Victorian home owner.
Dress your front patio/entrance: This can be as simple as having a nice pot plant next to your front door. Your front entrance will be part of the first impression of your home and you as a home owner. Depending on the space, use the area to both welcome your visitors but also introduce them to some of your own creative flair. Use wall art, dress your front door or perhaps even have a comfortable looking outdoor setting to give your guests a warm welcome to your home. Don't forget your doormat!
Garden feature: Have a feature or even a theme throughout your garden landscaping. These could include colour co-coordinating plants or flowers around the perimeter of your home or a garden bed next to your front door. There is also the option of having that one 'hero piece' such as a water feature or even fruit tree.
Fencing and front gate: This is it. This is where the magic starts and finishes. The fence around your property is setting the scene for your visitors and giving them a hint on what to expect once they are inside your property. A fence must compliment the look and feel of the house itself. With a large range of materials and styles to choose from, selecting the right fence for your home can get a little overwhelming. Start with deciding what you want to achieve with your fencing - are you wanting it for complete privacy, security for your family or purely a feature to your property - or all three! This is when you need to have a professional fencing contractor on hand to assist with all of these decisions.

There is no rule to say that you have to wait for your home to go under the hammer for you to add curb appeal to your property. Enjoy your family home and make it a place you look forward to coming home to.


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