Finding Holes in Your Home Security

If you have any holes in your home’s security, you had better find them before an intruder does, because all it takes is one weak point and your entire system of defence can be undermined. The following features some tips on how to find any holes you might have in your home security, so do your part, find them and fix them, and make sure your home is properly protected.

Windows and doors

As far as break-ins are concerned, the most vulnerable parts of any home are the windows and doors, so if you are looking for holes in your home security, start by checking there. It is a good idea to provide some sort of security screen for those doors and windows on ground floor areas, or even invest in motion sensor alarms. Whatever you do, make sure your doors and windows are 100 per cent secure.


It is important to provide an effective perimeter barrier and help keep uninvited guests out of your home and off your property. Having a good quality fence is key, and keeping it maintained is also an important requirement. If your fence is falling apart and allowing easy access to your property, boost your security by upgrading your fence. You don’t necessarily need it to be a huge structure, but your home and yard are not public property, so make sure your fence is helping to make this point clear, rather than encouraging intruders with its gaping holes.

Get advice

The only way to be sure if you have holes in your home security defences is by bringing in a security expert and having them check out your current system. More than likely, they will have a few tips on ways you can upgrade your security a little, and once you have any necessary upgrades made, you will feel safer knowing your home is far better protected.

Check regularly

Make a point of regularly checking over your home security system, as this way you will notice if any issues or vulnerabilities are starting to emerge. When you are looking for holes, try to think from the perspective of someone trying to get in; that way, you will start to notice a few extra ways a creative person might be able to get inside. If you don’t have time to do the checks yourself, consider investing in a monitored security alarm, because this way you will have professionals keeping an eye out for your place 24/7.

Fix what you find

If you do find a hole in your home security defences, fix it straight away, because otherwise you will be leaving yourself vulnerable, and it would be a shame to have an intruder make use of a weakness you knew was there and didn’t fix. Prioritise your spending to cover the cost of repairs ASAP, because if you put it off for too long, someone else may find that hole.


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