Fencing Your Brisbane Home

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and with its glorious Queensland weather, one of the more appealing capital cities in Australia to live. The temptation of having city suburban living only forty minutes away from the famous Gold Coast beaches is a big incentive to the thousands of interstate residents who make the move to the sunshine state each year.

With this move comes the expectation to live the perfect Queensland lifestyle and own the perfect Queensland home. When looking for your new Brisbane home or renovating your existing one, there is one thing that can not be overlooked and that's the difference agates well erected fence makes. As well as curb appeal to the home, the right fence can accentuate the existing landscaping and even assist in cooling your home down in the hot Queensland summers.

Slat and screen fencing is a modern take on the traditional timber fence and is extremely popular in South East Queensland. The appeal of slat fencing in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area is primarily the appearance but also the fact that while offering privacy it allows airflow.  The measured gaps in between the timber slats are the perfect natural ventilation system for your yard and your home.

Slat and screen fencing is also ideal for smaller spaces as it offers the illusion of more space compared to a solid structure. This is perfect for Brisbane townhouses with limited yard space.

At Amazing Fencing we have experienced installers who can work with you in designing the perfect fence for your Brisbane home. If you are looking to improve the look of your new Brisbane home or add value to your existing one, contact us today.



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