Creating a European Style Garden

If you want to do something special with your garden areas, adding a healthy dose of European style is a great way to go about it. Aside from looking fantastic, another huge benefit to following the European style is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, as much of the work of creating your new garden can be done yourself. The following is a brief look at how to create a European style garden at your place.

Visit some first

The only way to get a proper sense of what European gardens are all about is to go and see some for yourself, so if you haven’t been to Europe and can afford to make the trip, check out those incredible European garden styles in person. Take as many photos as possible while you are there and ask as many questions as you can think of, as this will make it a lot easier to implement some of those ideas in your garden when you get back home. If you can’t afford to head off to Europe, do your research online instead.

The Renaissance style

Basing your garden design on the elegant Renaissance style will help transform it into the perfect place for outdoor entertaining. Creating a path to wind around your yard will add to the Renaissance look, and if you have the space, have a small fountain installed somewhere central in your yard to add to that Renaissance charm. You will also need an archway or two in your yard to have it look the part, and if you can train vines or roses to grow over those arches and along any fences, your garden areas will look very much European.

English country gardens

If you are after more of a rustic look for your garden, the English country garden is a European classic well worth emulating. Old-style wooden furniture and fencing is a great way to set the tone, and when you are planning the layout of your garden, use gentle curves wherever possible. Vegetables, herbs, perennials, roses and shrubs are all very English, and among the many benefits is that you will save some money on your grocery bills, as well as on those romantic bouquets.

The best thing about English-style gardens is that they are meant to look natural, so there is far less maintenance required than with some other European garden styles.

Add some art

A great way to make your European-style garden look authentic is to invest in some quality European art to put out there. Whether you pick up some Italian sculptures for your Renaissance garden, or a rustic piece for your English design, your quality art will provide the perfect touch and have your European garden looking complete.

A new European-style garden is sure to do a huge amount for your quality of life at home, so if you aren’t satisfied with your current garden style, do something about it by going European. You will never look back.


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