Creating a More Accessible Entertaining Area

For your entertainment area to be at its absolute best it needs to be accessible, because otherwise it may be too hard for some of your friends or family members to join you for events. Often, a few simple changes can make a big difference. The following ideas are all sure to increase the accessibility of your entertaining area, whether inside or out.

Install ramps

By needing to use stairs to access your entertaining areas you will be making life hard for any guests who have mobility issues, bad backs or kids in strollers, so get rid of those stairs, replace them with ramps and make it easy for all of your friends to attend your events. Don’t forget about your outdoor areas too, and whether you put pathways through your garden or add ramp access to your gazebo, make it easy for everyone to enjoy themselves out there.

Sensor lighting

Having motion sensor lighting installed in and around your entertainment areas will ensure there is always more than enough light for you and your guests to fully make use of the space. This will also limit unnecessary energy use, as when the party moves to a different part of your home, the lighting will naturally shut off once everyone has left.

Sturdy flooring

Whether your entertainment area is inside or out, having sturdy flooring will make it easier for those who are a little less mobile to avoid slipping, tripping or otherwise hurting themselves. Whether you have polished concrete flooring installed or you have a stone patio put in, make sure your floor is safe for all of your guests, and that it won’t lead to any injuries.

More social fencing

If you get along well with your neighbours, a fantastic way to make your outdoor entertaining area more accessible is to connect your place to theirs by having a gate installed in your side fence. This will make it easy for your two families to be able to interact -- especially if you have kids -- as well as help create a larger space and a far more community-oriented vibe to your outdoor entertaining and backyard barbecues.

Make it kid friendly

If you want your friends with kids to be able to come over, it is vital that your entertaining areas are kid friendly and safe. Having appropriate and comfortable seating for the little ones is important if you expect them to behave, and even having a room available for changing nappies or nursing babies will make your entertaining areas far more accessible for guests who have kids.

Supportive seating

Any of your friends with back problems simply won’t be able to come to your events if you don’t have seats that offer support for their back, because for a person with a back injury, any other kind of chair can be excruciatingly painful to sit in. Help get your injured friends out by making your entertainment areas accessible to even those with bad backs.


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