Your Complete Timber Fencing Guide: What are the Different Timber Fence Styles?

Timber fencing has long been a welcome addition to Australian properties of all styles, sizes and ages. Here at Amazing Fencing, we are the specialists when it comes to timber fences and we are passionate about helping our clients find their ideal timber fencing solution.

If you have already started your research into timber fencing, you would be well aware that there are many different styles out there. So to help you decide which timber fence will be the best fit for your property, we’ve put together a summary to outline some of the most popular timber fencing styles.

1. Paling Fencing:

Timber paling fencing is one of the most common forms of timber fencing. This type of fence is minimalist in appearance which makes it a suitable choice for all types of properties across Australia.

Ideal for boundary fencing, a timber paling fence is affordable, easy to install and when sourced from trusted timber suppliers and maintained properly, your timber paling fence will last for many years to come. We regularly recommend paling fences to those who are seeking a simple timber fencing choice that will provide security and privacy but won’t break the budget.

2. Lapped Fencing:

Lapped fencing is similar to pailing fencing due to its simplistic design. Here at Amazing Fencing, our lapped fencing options are perfect for properties old and new. Lapped fencing consists of two layers of overlapped timber palings—this minimal design makes it great for boundary fencing.

Similar to the lapped fencing option is lapped and capped fencing. The lapped and capped style is much like lapped fencing but the fence also has a paling along the top of the fence which acts as the capping. This creates a sturdier fence and also further adds to the overall appearance of the fence.

3. Colonial Fencing:

Colonial fencing has long been a popular choice for property owners who are wanting a traditional aesthetic for their home. Colonial fencing is a simple way to bring a decorative look to the exterior of your property and here at Amazing Fencing, our Colonial fencing is available in a range of styles and colour choices.

Some of these styles include decorative pickets and post tops. If you’re unsure of which style would best complement your property, our team of experts are always happy to assist.

Are you interested in a new timber fence? The team at Amazing Fencing have been supplying and installing a complete range of timber fences for years now and we’d love to help you find your ideal timber fencing solution. If timber fencing isn’t for you, we also specialise in a variety of steel fencing options including Colorbond and PermaSteel.

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