Colour Selection Guide for your Garden

Selecting colours for your garden can be difficult and it is easy to end up with a dull looking brown mess. With some forward planning, you can really bring your garden to life and have it looking stunning all year round. Herein we consider how to get the best colours in your garden so that it looks the best that it possibly can through all seasons.

Define Your Borders

The first important step in getting the right colours in your garden is to define your borders. If you do not have borders clearly defined it will be difficult to manage the colours within your garden because they will blend with the colours outside of your property. Installing fencing is a good way to set borders and this can be made to blend with the environment. Green or brown fencing usually provides the best background with which to create clear but non-imposing borders.

Plant For Seasons

When picking plants for your garden it is important to consider how they will look year round. It is possible to have a garden that looks great in the summer, but it will be less attractive if everything then dies off over the winter months. Sowing an array of plants that can survive and bloom throughout different seasons will mean that your garden looks great all year round. Evergreens are the best plants to create hedgerows, as they will stay green and vibrant all year round.

Pick a Palette

Your garden will look best if the colours of plants are of a similar hue. Mixing dark and light greens and browns can create a haphazard and untamed look in your backyard. Keeping the depths and tones of the colours in sync will make your garden look much better. Picking a palette of colour to create the base greens and browns in your garden will help you to create a more coordinated appearance.

Add Vibrancy

From the base of consistent greens and browns you can then add a range of colours with the use of flowers. Flowers allow you to add excitement to the fencing and foliage in your garden and should be selected with care. Colours range from electric pink to white or blue, so there is a great deal of colours to choose from. Consistency is the key to selecting the best colours because you will get the most aesthetically pleasing effects by utilising an array of colours meld and develop together.

Create Areas of Colour

Colour in your garden will look wonderful, but it is important to control these areas of colour. Too much colour will look messy and uncontrolled so it is important not to go over the top with your planting. Creating neat flower beds is important and the colourful flowers should be kept within these areas. Matching plants of particular colours into areas together is also a great way to create an ordered and exciting backyard scene.

Plan Ahead

The most important step in choosing the right colours for your garden is to plan ahead. Consider what look you want to create rather than simply planting and hoping that it all comes together in the end. Nature has provided a fantastic range of colours for you to utilise, but it is your job as a gardener to create an artwork out of what you find.


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