Choosing The Right Fencing For Your Pets

Having pets can be extremely rewarding as they are great company, they can help you stay in shape and there is nothing quite like coming home to some unconditional love. If you are going to have a pet, it is important to be a responsible pet owner, so apart from making sure that your pets are healthy and happy, you also need to make sure that they and everyone else are kept safe. Having an appropriate fence is essential to ensure your pet can’t get out and endanger themselves or others, though choosing the right fence can be hard. The following are some tips on choosing the right fence for your pet.

The Right Size

Whether you have chickens, goats or a dog, one of the most important features in a good fence will be that it prevents your pets from getting out. If you have a large dog who can’t jump very high, a short rail fence may be all that you need as long as they can’t squeeze between the rails, though obviously if your pet can jump you’ll need a significantly higher fence.


It’s great if you can have a fence that can be seen through as it will make your yard look bigger, though if your pet is the type that will lose its mind any time it sees movement, you might want to go for a solid fence that can’t be seen through. Colourbond fencing is perfect as it will look great as well as keep your pet from going berserk whenever someone walks by.


Some animals are quite talented diggers so if your pet is a digger make sure your fence is up to the challenge. Look into getting a fence that is further set into the ground and secured somehow so that your pet isn’t able to tunnel out. Having some good garden fencing may also be necessary to prevent your pet from devouring or destroying your garden.

The Invisible Fence

If you want to keep your pet out of trouble but don’t want a fence, a great option is to invest in an electronic pet containment system. This essentially consists of a thin gauge wire, a transmitter and a collar, and works by triggering an audible warning to your pet if they cross the perimeter of the area you want to contain them in. It may take a little training, though this system can work really well, especially with younger animals.

Electric Fencing

If your pet is a sheep, cow or a large aggressive dog, you may want to invest in electric fencing. Animals are quite smart and will learn quickly to stay back from the fence once they have had a mild shock or two. The shock doesn’t harm the animal and in some cases is the only way to prevent a large pet from escaping.

Having the right type of fencing is critical if you want to help keep your pet, your garden and your neighbours safe, though it doesn’t need to look like a jail. It’s best to do some research before choosing a fence as there are a huge variety of great types and styles to keep every kind of pet safe and contained.


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