Choosing the Right Fence Colour

There are many types of fences you may build for your home, from those marking the perimeter of your property to pool fences, garden fences or fences that are purely designed for decoration. Whatever your reason for building a fence, one of the most important considerations is deciding which colour it will be. Before you rush out and hire fencing contractors , have a think about what you're trying to achieve and which colour (or colours) would best suit your purpose.

Feature or background?

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want your fence to be a focus of your property or if you'd prefer it to fade into the background. For perimeter fencing and pool fencing it's usually the case that you don't want to draw too much attention to the fence, as it's designed for a purely functional purpose. In these cases, it's best to go with darker colours that won't detract too much from other features of your yard. However, if the fence is designed to be decorative, you may wish to go for brighter or bolder colours. Picture a bright white wooden paling fence, for example -- it's not so common any more but it does provide a certain ornamental value that can add value to your home.

Consider foliage

Installing a fence that is too close in colour to the trees and plants around your property can distract and detract from the foliage. Well-presented plants add a lot of value to your home and it's important that they're allowed to be shown off in all their glory. If you have foliage along your fence, choose a fence colour that contrasts strongly with the colour of the plants in order to gain the maximum effect.

Stained fences

If you have a timber fence you may choose the option of staining your fence instead of painting it. A stain is much different to a paint job, as staining allows the grain of the wood to show through if you so wish, creating a textured look that many find quite appealing. Additionally, staining your fence makes it more resistant to the hardships that many wooden fences face in Australian conditions, such as sun and bad weather, termite attack, rot, and more. One important thing to remember before choosing your stain colour, however, is to test it out on a small scrap of wood before making your decision, as the stain colour you see in stores will usually look quite different once it has been applied to your fence.

Colorbond fences

If you choose to go with colorbond fencing , you'll have 14 colours to choose from, each with their own personality and function. Which you choose very much depends on what you're looking to achieve. In general, darker colours add an air of sophistication to your property, while lighter colours are considered neutral and allow the other features of your home to shine through. Blues are strong, confident and add depth to your home, while reds and oranges are considered more traditional. If you're looking for a colour that aligns well with modern architecture, greys are usually a good choice, or for a more rural, environmental feel, consider going with green.


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