Checking Your Property

As a home owner, it is vitally important that you are always aware of the state that your home is in so that you can make repairs before a crack causes costly damage and ensure that your home is secure from burglars. Knowing how to check your home is important and this article considers how to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

Start at the Perimeter

Your property includes your backyard and all of your land, so it is sensible to start with the perimeter. Checking the fencing and the bushes around the perimeter is a good place to start because this is your outermost protection. Fencing may need to be repaired or simply treated with teak or paint to allow it to survive the weather for longer. Occasionally, however, you will need to replace your fencing for better security. Installing colourbond fencing will ensure both security and longevity from your perimeter.

Consider Foliage

One of the biggest security risks in the average home is untamed foliage. Whilst bushes and trees may look nice, they also provide the perfect places for burglars to wait in the shadows. An important check to make is to see whether you could approach the home unseen. If you can then you certainly need to do some trimming.

Checking the Roof

The roof is arguably the most important part of a home because it keeps the water and wind from pouring in. Checking your roof for broken tiles or any visible damage is thus an important check to make each year. At the same time you should also clean the gutters because if they clog up then water can leak down your walls and cause damp.

External Cracks

Checking the walls of your home for cracks is also important because an external crack can allow water to seep into the wall. Some cracks can simply be painted over, but any significant breaks in the plaster should be checked over by a builder.

Internal Walls

The walls inside your home should then also be checked. It is important to look behind wardrobes and in the corners because these are locations where damp is more likely to occur. Damp and cracks in the plaster should be checked thoroughly because otherwise serious structural problems could potentially occur.

Fire Alarms

The fire alarms in your home are also very significant and should be checked at least twice a year. A fire alarm is your best protection in the case of a fire and you can be held legally responsible for manslaughter if someone dies in a fire when alarms were not properly fitted. Changing the batteries regularly and ensuring that they work is an important step to take.


Your windows are a significant security breach in your home if they are not properly secured. Windows should always be locked before you go out and they should also be checked for security. Many older windows can easily be smashed or pried open, but many of the newer windows with crimsafe are relatively impenetrable.

Noticing Change

Generally houses are sturdy and stalwart entities, but occasionally something will change. Being alert to any kind of change about your home is very important in ensuring that you keep it standing strong. Even changes as simple as fading paint are important to notice because your external paint helps to protect the property. Repainting is easy, but dealing with the damp that is caused by the loss of this protection is not.


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