Carrying Out a Pool Safety Check in Summer

Having a backyard pool can be a lot of fun, but it is also a big responsibility. If you have a pool, make sure it is always 100 per cent safe by carrying out regular safety inspections. The following are some of the most important elements to watch out for during your safety checks, and it is wise to plan a few extra summer inspections for when your pool will see the most use.

Ensure the pool gate latches

For your pool to be considered safe, its fence gate needs to have an effective latching system, ideally one that causes the gate to swing shut automatically and self-latch. The importance of the latch is huge, as having it fail even once could lead to tragedy, so make sure you check on your pool gate latch closely and regularly.

Is your fence secure?

For your pool fence to be worth having, it needs to be an effective barrier, so make sure there are no weak points that creative kids or pets could potentially exploit. There should be no way your little ones can get over, under or through your fence, so carry out regular and comprehensive checks on your fence security, especially prior to summer and other times when your pool will see increased usage.

Beware of objects that can be climbed

Kids are often experts at climbing on things, and will be very quick to recognise a chance to get over a fence and into your pool, so be careful you don’t leave anything out that could tempt them to have a go. Plants, furniture and even pool toys can provide more than enough opportunity for a determined child to get past your fence, so make sure you leave them nothing to work with.

Check the water quality

One of the most important pool safety checks you need to do is to ensure the water is clean and safe; otherwise, you can end up making a lot of people very sick. A good pool filter will help a lot, but you need to conduct regular water testing as well if you hope to stay on top of it. This can mean testing the water as often as twice a day during the heavy usage of summer.

Beware of slipping and tripping hazards

When your pool is getting a lot of use, your poolside areas will spend a lot of time wet, and depending on what these areas are made from they can get extremely slippery and become very dangerous. If your poolside areas have been known to be a bit dodgy in recent years, do something about it before you open your pool this year. Whether you have the area resurfaced or have a gritty paint applied, no amount of slipping is okay around a pool, because the consequences can be extremely dire.

Have a professional look over it for you

In a lot of places you need to have your pool safety inspected before you can legally open it for use, and even if you aren’t required by law to have your pool inspected, it is wise to do so each year anyway. It is relatively inexpensive to have a professional make sure your pool is 100 per cent safe, and investing in a professional inspection will also provide a huge boost for your peace of mind.


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