Benefits of Replacing Wooden Fences

Wooden fences were once considered one of the best types of fencing available, with many homes having wood fences in both their front and back yards. However nowadays there are a number of fence materials that are far superior to wood, so if you still have wooden fencing at your place you should seriously consider having it replaced. The following looks briefly at some of the major benefits of getting rid of your old wood fences.

Invest in a Longer Lasting Fence

Even though wooden fences can look good and work well for awhile, being made from a natural material unfortunately means that they have quite a limited lifespan, so if you want your fencing to last as long as possible replace any of your wooden fences with non-wooden options. Whether you invest in a classic wrought iron fence or a modern colour-bond one, fences made from metal or other artificial materials will last quite a lot longer than wood and with far less maintenance needing to be done.

Update the Look of Your Home

Your fence can do a lot to impact the overall look of your home, so if you have an old wooden fence at your place that has seen better days, replacing it with a more modern fence is a fantastic way to spruce things up. If you aren’t sure what type of fence will look good with your place get online and get inspired as there are countless options for fencing these days; otherwise have a local designer come out and take a look at your place and help you make your decision.

Prevent Termites

Termites can wreak absolute havoc on a home, so if you live in an area that is prone to termites it is wise to get rid of anything wooden that you can, especially any wooden fencing, because your fence will be the first thing to go if termites do attack. If there are termites in your area it will be almost impossible for you to stop them from destroying your wood fences, and once they have done so they are sure to target your house next. So for the sake of your fencing and your home, stop tempting those termites and replace any wooden fences with a fencing material that they are less likely to want to eat.

Increase Fire Safety

Regardless of where you live it is always a good idea to keep fire safety in mind, and one of the best ways to do this is to eliminate anything that could fuel a fire, especially any wooden fencing. Having one less flammable element in your yard may prove to be the difference between losing your home to fire or not, so for the sake of fire safety replace any of your home’s wooden fencing with those made from materials far less likely to burn.

If you are looking for a way to improve your home, replacing any old wooden fencing is a fantastic way to go about it, and don’t be surprised if your new fencing also provides a considerable boost to the value of your home as well.


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