The Benefits of Aluminium Pool Fencing Over Steel

For long time there has been a debate raging for some time regarding the relative merits of aluminium pool fencing and steel. Steel fencing was the original form of pool fencing, and in its day it was a major design achievement. Since the 1960s, however, it's become pretty apparent that time and technology have moved on. There are a few problems with steel pool fences, and aluminium is becoming increasingly more popular as an alternative.

The problems with steel pool fences

Steel is structurally strong, but it's also very prone to rust, and can react with pool chemicals. It also reacts to weathering, and it's a nuisance to repair. It can also be extremely expensive, and if it has suffered any major damage, it can put a significant hole in the family budget.

A further problem is colour. Coloured steel fences have one major flaw. Wear and tear on steel fencing invariably scratches and chips and steel. Re-colouring steel fences is definitely an acquired taste, and of course the same problem simply happens again over time.

These fences were the predecessors of modern pool fences and a lot of lessons have been learned from steel fences. Steel fences are heavy, and sometimes difficult to work with. Any breaks in the fence may need to be welded, or an entire section of fence fully replaced. That, as you may have guessed is a pretty expensive process, and it can be quite thankless task if that particular section of fence is in a difficult to access place.

Aluminium pool fences, the better option

Aluminium pool fences have pretty much evolved from the many issues with steel fences. These are lightweight fences, are extremely easy to work with, are also very durable, weatherproof, rustproof and simply don't have the maintenance issues of steel fences.

The best aluminium pool fences are powder coated fences which are extremely long-lasting and come in a very wide range of designs. Pool owners will appreciate that these characteristics drastically reduce the amount of maintenance required and also provide longevity of product life.

Those characteristics add up to saving quite a lot of money, particularly over time. Aluminium pool fences also solve a range of design issues which steel fences simply can't address. Aluminium, being a lightweight material, can be easily shaped into extremely elegant designs which can blend with any form of landscape and architecture effortlessly.

Selecting an aluminium pool fence

If anything, the only real issue with aluminium pool fences is the sheer range of choices available. When shopping for a pool fence, it's a good idea to speak to your fencing contractors about the range of designs they have available. You will find without exception that your fencing contractors will be able to give you an excellent range of choices. They will also be able to provide invaluable on-site advice dealing with safety issues without compromising design values.

Aluminium pool fences are simply the better option in any situation. When looking for your fence, check with your local fencing contractors and you won't be disappointed.


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