Avoiding Termite Infestations Inside and Outside Your Home

Every year termites cause millions of dollars in damage, and quite often it is to the homes of unsuspecting victims who didn’t even realise there was a threat. Make sure you educate yourself on termites and the damage they can do, and ensure your home is protected against this ravenous and potentially devastating threat. The following is a look at some of the things you can do to prevent termite infestations in your home or on your property.

Do some research

There are several types of termites, with subterranean and drywood termites among the most common, so before you do anything else, do some research into whether your area is prone to termites, and if it is, find out which type. The more you know about the type of threat you may be facing, the better you will be able to protect yourself, so make sure you know all there is to know about any termites in your area and that you are making it near impossible for them to overcome your place.

Steel is the best protection

Whether you are building a new home, having extensions done or updating your fence, if you live in an area known for termites, use steel instead of timber whenever you can. If you really want to use wood, redwood, juniper and cedar will be less attractive to termites, but if you want to be guaranteed of avoiding termites altogether, choose steel instead.

Ensure proper drainage

Termites rely on damp or moist soil in order to survive, so to prevent a termite infestation at your place, make sure your home and yard are set up for optimum drainage, and that the ground is at least sloping away from your home, wood fencing or any other wooden structures. Pruning any plants growing next to wooden structures will also help to reduce the amount of moisture being retained in the soil, lessening the chance of termites becoming established.

Conduct annual inspections

Unless you are keeping a close watch, your home can easily go from termite free to infested over the course of a few short years, so make sure you conduct thorough annual inspections of your home and property, inside and out. This way, if you do find something, you will be able to take action before it gets too advanced, which may be the difference between saving your home and not.

Let the experts deal with them

If you do find a termite burrow heading into your home, rather than take revenge on the termites yourself, call in the experts to take care of them for you, because only professional exterminators will be able to eliminate termites all together. Resist the urge to smash that termite tunnel, and give your pest control experts the best opportunity to deal them a decisive blow.

A termite infestation can completely destroy a home, so rather than just hope for the best, put some time and effort in your home’s protection against termites, because this may prevent you from losing it all.


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