Adding Extra Security to Your Garden

Keeping your garden areas secure is important, because apart from helping to prevent uninvited guests, your garden will often be connected to your house or garage, both of which may contain some of your most valuable assets. The following is a look at some of the easy ways you can make your garden areas more secure.

Increased lighting

Without enough lighting in your garden areas, it will be easy for someone to make use of the darkness to sneak right up to the edge of your house without being detected, making it far too easy for a potential intruder to get close to your place. By doing your best to increase the amount of lighting in your garden, you will be helping create a buffer zone around your home, as few criminals will want to risk coming through a well-lit area to get to your place.


Most crime is opportunistic, so make sure your fencing isn’t full of holes inviting intruders in. A quality fence can do a significant amount for the security of your yard and garden, and with a decent fence, your home will likely be passed over by would-be intruders looking for a softer target. Your fence doesn’t need to be 10 feet tall, but make sure it is big enough to present a real barrier to unauthorised access, and also that any gate has a solid enough latch to prevent it being easily forced.

A lockable shed

Rather than risk having some of those garden tools of yours go missing, invest in a shed with a decent lock, and start storing your stuff in there instead. Even a small shed in your garden will add considerably to the security and convenience of using your outdoor areas, and without items left laying around, you won’t be tempting anyone to have a go at taking anything.

Alarm systems

These days there are some pretty fancy alarm systems on the market, so if you want to be 100% sure your garden area is secure, invest in a high-end monitored system, because this will provide your garden with the most protection. Whether you make use of motion sensors or CCTV, it will be clear that your garden is secure, and if anyone decides to try their luck anyway, they are next to no chance of succeeding.

Get a dog

If you have been thinking of getting a pet anyway and are committed to being a good dog owner, a dog can add a huge amount to the security of your garden and outdoor areas, as even a small dog can help to quickly alert you of the presence of an intruder. A lot of people are scared of dogs, so even just a few barks may be enough to deter at least some of those would-be intruders.

The more secure your garden and other outdoor areas are, the safer you, your family and your precious belongings will be, so when you are thinking about the security of your place, don’t forget about your garden areas.


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