Add a Modern Twist With Slat Fencing

Slat fencing is the technique of using slats, or 'planks' of material to construct a fence or gate. The slats are measured equally apart allowing for air flow whilst still offering privacy. The installation of slat fencing around a property adds an instant modern element and can also make an area look bigger than it actually is.

So why are so many people choosing slat fencing for their homes?

  • A Modern Appearance: Having a professionally installed slat fence is the perfect way to compliment a newly built home or to modernise a renovated home. If well installed and maintained, a slat fence will never date.gates
  • Choice of materials: Although timber is the more popular choice for slat fencing, other materials including steel can also be used. This opens up a whole extra range of fencing allowing you to choose colour as well.
  • Appearance of space: Slat fencing is great for increasing the perception of space. With the measured gaps in between each slate, the surrounds are not completely blocked out allowing the illusion of more space.
  • Great Ventilation: Slat fencing is perfect for allowing airflow through not only your property but your actual house as well.
  • Style: Slat fencing is the perfect option to compliment an existing structure or frame different materials used for your fence.

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