5 Reasons to Install a Chainwire Fence

Home security is heavily dependent on your defense system, primarily your fence and gate. Whether galvanised steel or vinyl-coated, what matters is you have a fence. Your fence and gate provide the first line of protection against intruders and accidents. For families with children, fences around the property are indispensable in making their playtime safe. Chainwire fences, for example, are perfect for securing wide areas. They’re not just for homes; these are the type of fences you see around baseball fields and the like.

Before the installation, you can ask about various chainwire fencing heights to provide the solutions to your needs. The higher the fence, the more privacy and protection it gives. Of course, the height of your fence also depends on the type of house you live in and your sense of style.

Apart from beefing up your security system, here are other reason why you should install a chain wire fence:

1. Low Maintenance

Chain wire fencing usually requires little or no maintenance at all. All you need to do is hose it off or apply soap and water to bring back its shine. Repainting is unnecessary if you want to keep it simple. It is important to note that most contractors even offer galvanised chain wire fence, which is more resistant to rust. This extends the functional life of your chain wire and minimises the maintenance.

2. Long-Lasting Durability

From June to August, snow and blocks of ice cover your roof and other parts of the house along with the streets, trees, mountains and practically everything outside. To keep the security even during winter, you can scout and install a galvanised steel fence. You can paint your fence to prevent corrosion due to long exposure to ice and snow. This can also help you avoid weakening and other types of damage caused by exposure to rain and the sun.

3. Easy Repair

Another advantage of installing a chainwire fence is its easy repair feature. If it is damaged by an accident or vandalism, you simply can cut out the affected part and replace it. If a strong typhoon happens to destroy it, or cause it to chip, your chain wire fence just needs a re-coating to look good again.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from the other functions of a chain wire fence, you can integrate art and design in it. Make it a black or green vinyl-covered fence. It blends in with the surroundings, creating a desirable look and feel.

There are homeowners who complain about their poorly installed or easily chipped fences. This is probably because their contractors failed to recommend the appropriate types of fencing that would suit their needs. It is also possible that the contractors did not weigh other factors, including weather conditions and the surrounding areas.

To avoid the same scenarios, Amazing Fencing can offer you tailored fencing solutions that greatly consider your needs and other requirements. We provide relocation and extension if you’re planning to configure your residential or commercial security system. Contact us today so we can start discussing the right fencing solutions for your home and other structures.


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