4 Reasons Schools Need Security Fencing

In the last couple of decades, the value of placing large security fences around school grounds has been increasingly recognised. Thousands of schools around Australia have built or are set to build security fencing, with principals, state governments and fencing contractors working together to get the job done. But what are the benefits of school security fencing? Why are they so important? In this article, we'll look at four key reasons that schools need security fences.

1. Decreases in vandalism

Statistics-wise, the biggest impact school security fencing has had can be seen in the area of school vandalism. Before school security fencing became common, breaking into school grounds outside of school hours was, in many cases, not difficult. Small fences no more than a metre high surrounded many schools, and vandals would trespass on school grounds, vandalise with graffiti or cause damage to the school's outdoor facilities. Security fencing, while not impossible to scale, does indeed make it very difficult for vandals to gain access. This difficulty acts as an undeniable deterrent.

2. Improved safety of students and teachers

Another significant impact that has been had by school security fencing can be seen in the decrease of contact with the public. As noted above, in the past, many schools were not difficult to enter. As a result, members of the public would often use school grounds as a shortcut to get from point A to point B. While many members of the public pose no threat to student or teacher safety, there are unfortunately the occasional few who pose very real threats. Whether it's a predatory adult, other young people who may have a beef with students or even angry parents, security fencing increases the safety of the people within the school boundaries.

3. Improved management of student movement

Aside from making it difficult for trespassers to get in, security fencing also has the added bonus of keeping students from leaving without permission. In the past, schools with easy-to-scale fences were perfect for students looking to skip class, leave school early or simply leave without permission. Schools with security fencing are better able to track the movement of students in and out of school grounds, with usually only one or two exit points available which can be monitored and guarded by school staff.

4. Better aesthetics

Aside from the security benefits that have been realised as a result of school security fencing, there is also the gains that have been made in terms of aesthetic value. Whether it's a powder coated tubular steel fencing, welded wire security fencing, chain wire security fencing or colorbond fencing, school security fencing can add an element of style as well as safety to a school.

Remember, while security fencing is effective in its own right, it needs to be considered part of an overall security plan that may include security patrols, security alarms, locking devices, access control and electronic surveillance. With security fencing and these other security measures in place, the school ground can be a safer place that is better able to nurture and educate the young people of Australia.


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